Wellcome to Carmel College

The Carmel College, first in the Druze sector, has been established in year 2000 as public, non-profit organization. The College specializes in several learning methods, when the emphasis is put on the Distance Learning and E-learning methods. The Carmel College promotes academic relations with several colleges and universities in Israel and abroad.

Why should you consider studying with us?

  • The college had progressed drastically in the field of academy and research.
  • The scholars and the teaching staff had shown great results and achieved a good reputation.
  • The college is an open institute, allowing any high school graduate a lot of learning possibilities, especially in computer fields, and offering assistance during the studies.
  • The Carmel College has an exchange program with foreign colleges and universities.
  • Through the college there is a possibility to receive scholarships and counseling regarding studies in different fields.

The Carmel College is located in Daliat el Carmel, very known for its hospitality. The college is making any effort, so its graduates would contribute their professional ability and integrate into different work places, promoting college’s good reputation.

The Druze Research Institute and the Carmel College

Druze Research Institute is hosting the only branch of Academicians and Scientists Society in the Druze sector.

The goals of the Carmel College are to promote learning programs for academic degree, to assist students, providing academic and administrative counseling to any student, who wishes to broaden his/her education.

Academic Relations with Israeli Institutions

  • Bar-Ilan University – distance-learning program
  • Afik College – technicians’ courses
  • Colleges Network Shai Afikim – advance studies
  • Ariel College – general cooperation
  • Academic Relations with Foreign Institutions:
  • West Timisoara University, Romania
  • Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Sumelweiss University-Hungary
  • Debrecen University-Hungary
  • Tartu Universitu, Estoniya
  • Tiraspol State University,Moldova
  • Moldova State University, Moldova
  • Nazareth College-New Jersey, U.S.A.

Studies Toward Diploma in Carmel College: Computers, Internet, English, etc.